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Release 3.48.0 Update - for user's with up-to-date maintenance contracts or site licenses only

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Installation Instructions

1. Check your maintenance or warranty expiration date using the Help/About menu item. If your maintenance or warranty has expired, stop and do not proceed. Contact Control-Soft Enterprises should you wish to renew or add maintenance to your license.
2. Download above release update installation file.
3. Backup your existing files by creating a new folder in your installation directory called fesizer.xxxx where .xxxx represents backup version number, i.e., fesizer.3420 is Release 3.42.0. Move the following files from the installation directory into this file: FESIZER32.exe, readme.txt
4. If previous maintenance updates have been installed, uninstall them using their original maintenance release update setup/install utility and select "remove" or use the Windows Add/Remove Programs utility. Note: Be careful not to remove the full version installation. It contains important files necessary to the operation of the FE-Sizer application.
5. Run the downloaded release update setup/install file and select whether you accept the license agreement by selecting the "I accept..." or "I do not accept..." item.
6. Point the install/setup installation directory to the current installation directory on your computer or server.
7. Follow installation instructions.
8. IMPORTANT STEP: Be sure to delete the "fesizer.cfg" file found in the FE-Sizer program directory prior to starting up the program to force a reset of all units conversion factors.

Update Details

Release 3.48.0 - April 29, 2015
1. Fixed decimal places on the screen to 6 instead of just 2 for the Fx Vapor Quality factor. Did not affect printed results nor accuracy.
2. Fixed error on critical drop orifice flow calculation given bore. Program was printing value for bore for the calculated flow rate. Screen displayed actual flow value. Error on print out but a major problem if user disregarded the calculated results on the screen. This error originated in Release 3.47.9. Prior releases did not have this error. Print routine for flow was erroneously blown away in the hardcopy print routine in Release 3.47.9.
Release 3.47.9 - February 24, 2015
1. Fixed calc sheet print out when calculating for flow to include variable accuracy based on magnitude of flow value. Program was defaulting to single decimal place accuracy.
Release 3.47.8 - November 12, 2014
1. Fixed display of temperature for dP reference and Beta reference to display properly with units selection. Units were changing with process temperature units instead of with dP reference temperature.
Release 3.47.7 - November 11, 2014
1. Fixed warning messages to display for DP sizing mode and flow sizing mode for standard meter orifices. Program was bypassing warning messages.
Release 3.47.6 - October 2, 2014
1. Fixed reference for Spink. Program printed as Spinks or SPINKS on both display and print outs.
2. Fixed display for dBA on calc display. Program was printing dBa. Printed on print outs was already the correct form, dBA.
3. Fixed specific heat ratio to use the correct capital K and not k on both screen and print outs.
4. On the calculation screen, where the Permanent dP Loss = XX.XX %, moved the % sign closer to the numerical value.
Release 3.47.5 - August 11, 2014
1. Fixed metric pipe routine to accept non-standard nominal pipe diameters.
Release 3.47.4 - August 5, 2014
1. Fixed fluid properties to return molecular weight when calculating gas properties using critical drop sizing mode and mass flow with density. Program was returning specific gravity.
2. Fixed sonic flow warning to properly display when appropriate. It Was displaying for critical drop sizing after sizing for pressure drop or restrictive drop calculation.
Release 3.47.3 - July 20, 2014
1. Inadvertantly disabled venturi for standard flow meter sizing in Release 3.47.2. This release fixes the oversight.
Release 3.47.2 - July 14, 2014
1. Added standard venturi selections to critical drop liquid flows and critical drop gas/vapor flows.
2. Re-instated thin plate orifices to critical drop gas flows with discharge coefficient calculated using Buckingham equation with pipe full flow taps - 2-1/2d and 8d. Customer request.
3. Fixed critical drop vapor flows using density equation to display correct parameter Mw and not Gg. Cosmetic only. Did not affect calculated results.
4. Enabled the selection of drain/vent holes for eccentric and segmental orifice plates. Customer request.
Release 3.47.1 - June 24, 2014
1. Fixed material listing for Critical Drop Liquid Venturi to return proper material. Listing was sorted and required to be not sorted to return proper selected material.
2. Fixed error in program in computing discharge coefficient for ASME Throat Tap Nozzles. Affected Release 3.47.0 only.
Release 3.47.0 - May 5, 2014
1. Fixed calibration chart printout to display all decimal places for bore for Maintenance downloads. Not a program fix but a maintenance setup routine fix.
2. Fixed the File/Project/Save function to save the font setup data and the page setup data
3. Fixed sonic warning determination for sonic conditions to accurately determine if sonic conditions exists at low pressures and differential pressures. Program was erroneously flagging sonic conditions at low pressures.


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